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Kolding Storcenter x Represented

Campaign Objective

Kolding Storcenter, which is a part of Danish Shopping Centers, is Jutland’s largest shopping center with 120 stores, including specialty shops, grocery shopping options, and a cinema. Kolding Storcenter wanted to produce a new campaign video.

To ensure high credibility, we aimed to activate a local influencer familiar with Kolding Storcenter, someone who already frequents the center with their family. Mie Isaksen, residing in Vejle with her husband and children Pilou and Filippa, knows Kolding Storcenter like the back of her hand. The children have always loved Kolding Storcenter, and the parents appreciate its numerous opportunities to engage the kids as part of the shopping experience.

Together with Mie, Pilou, Filippa, and a professional video team, Represented produced a campaign video for Kolding Storcenter, highlighting its many possibilities for the whole family. Kolding Storcenter acquired the rights to showcase the campaign video in selected cinemas, use the video for advertising on social media, and feature it on their own website. To increase awareness of Kolding Storcenter, Mie Isaksen naturally shared the video on her Instagram, where more than 100,000 people follow the family’s life.

Watch the campaign video below.


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We have had the best experience with Represented, from the initial idea to the final product.

They have been able to listen and capture our desires fully. It has been a pure pleasure, and we highly recommend them.

Anne Hald Blouner

Marketing Coordinator

Represented has extensive experience in producing campaign videos and has assisted both local and international brands in creating video content for TV, social media, cinema advertising, as well as their own websites and media platforms.

We possess comprehensive experience throughout the entire process and can provide guidance from the ideation phase, budgeting and planning, storyboard creation, selection of professionals and equipment, to on-set direction during filming.

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