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Coop x Folkebevægelsen mod ensomhed x Represented

Campaign Objective

We are not counting down to the same thing. Analyses estimate that Christmas is a challenging time for up to 600,000 Danes who feel isolated and excluded from holiday festivities such as Christmas parties, picking Christmas trees, and baking Christmas treats – they feel lonely.

Therefore, Coop and the Movement Against Loneliness launched the campaign ’25 Days Against Loneliness,’ joining forces to create a special calendar candle with 25 days. The 25th day symbolizes that not everyone is counting down to Christmas Eve but rather to when Christmas is over.

The calendar candle was designed as a conversation starter about loneliness – both on social media and in homes where the calendar candle is placed in Christmas decorations and on tables. By purchasing the calendar candle, individuals supported the Movement Against Loneliness’s efforts.

We activated more than 100 micro-influencers who, in a coordinated effort, shared pictures of the calendar candle on Instagram on the same day in November. The goal was to initiate conversations about loneliness leading up to Christmas and to raise awareness of the special calendar candle and what it represents when purchased in Coop stores.

At the same time, we engaged 17 macro- and mega-influencers, each sharing personal stories about loneliness. One mega-influencer received over 500 personal stories and advice on coping with loneliness in his inbox, from which he shared selected ones with his over 1 million followers.

The campaign achieved an astonishing 15,400,000+ exposures in under 25 days.

In addition to our activation of many influencers, Coop and the Movement Against Loneliness also engaged the musician Rasmus Seebach, who released a special song against loneliness as the soundtrack for the entire campaign.


micro influencers
macro & mega influencers
25 days
campaign period
Avg. engagement rate, micro influencers

In total, the campaign got more than 15 million organic views on Instagram alone, exceeding our goal by more than 270% based on the expectations for the commercial reach of the involved influencers.

The purpose of the campaign was to create an effort that sheds light on loneliness during the Christmas season from multiple perspectives across different life stages. Thanks to our efforts on social media through the use of influencers, the recognition rate for our brands, as well as the topic of ‘Loneliness’ itself, saw a significant increase.

We had Represented with us from the ideation phase to ensure the best possible output, and we would like to express our gratitude for a fantastic process and for the strong team that helped us carefully select, execute, manage, and evaluate this campaign.

Patrick Woolrych

Team Lead, Media Orchestration and Optimization

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