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SuperBrugsen x Represented

Campaign Objective

SuperBrugsen has an amazingly wide selection along with high quality products. However, they had difficulty communicating this to the younger target group.

We know that women in charge of purchasing between the ages of 25 and 39 find inspiration on social media platforms, and Instagram in particular. That’s why we produced a new SoMe format. The format had to communicate SuperBrugsen’s values in a new, inspiring, and entertaining way to change the younger target groups’ preferences when choosing a supermarket.

We teamed up SuperBrugsen with 9 carefully selected food-enthusiastic influencers, who under the concept “Lige til at spise”, had to compete to make Denmark’s Best Everyday Dish.

The influencers had to participate with their take on an everyday dish, which was judged by host and foodie Simon Jul. The final winner was decided by the followers who could vote via SuperBrugsen’s campaign site. It all came to life in a video series of several episodes, which combined top-professional video production, known from traditional flow TV, and the influencers’ own creative productions for their Instagram profiles. The unique combination of creative content created both an entertaining and recognizable format mixed with personal content from the influencers’ daily life.

The campaign won the main prize for Influencer Marketing campaign of the year at #Influenced 2022 and exceeded all campaign objectives set up by SuperBrugsen before the laucnh. You can watch the full case video down below.


The campaign is the best performing at Coop

According to our surveys made by KantarGallup, SuperBrugsen experienced a brand and image boost in the desired target group. 38% of the target group expressed a positive change of attitude towards SuperBrugsen after seeing the campaign. The survey also showed that the campaign is the best performing at Coop, when measured in terms of entertainment value and retention of the user. The campaign exceeded all our expectations of what influencer marketing can contribute to.

Patrick Woolrych

Digital Content Management, SuperBrugsen



Across all media used; Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Facebook Ads and video ads on streaming services.


Just under 1.8 million interactions were achieved across all media used including the voting option on SuperBrugsen’s campaign site.


9 food-loving influencers and Simon Jul as judge where activated on the campaign an given the task to find Denmark's best everyday dish.

Instagram Publications

The influencers published a total of 27 Instagram Posts and 9 Instagram Storylines across their individual accounts..

Survey according to Kantar Gallup


of the customers mentioned that the message in the advertisement was credible


of the customers answered that Simon Jul was a great choice as a host, which underlines the good and trustworthy brand match


increase in the number of followers on SuperBrugsen’s Instagram profile during the campaign period


A remarkable well-executed concept, with a theme matching SuperBrugen’s own universe, and where the entire customer journey has been thought through.

The campaign has challenged the framework of influencer marketing in an innovative way and has mixed concepts from different media platforms.

A campaign that contains many activations and has many touch points along the way. It has included both regular influencer activities, TV-like productions, and user involvement.

Board of judges

#influenced 2022

The 9 contributing influencers each prepared their take on Denmark’s best everyday dish with ingredients from SuperBrugsen’s large selection.

The entire web series, which consists of a total of 3 main episodes and 9 mini-episodes, as well as all the recipes, are collected on SuperBrugsen’s own campaign site, which you can access by clicking below.

Link to SuperBrugsen’s campaign site

We won the award for Influencer Marketing Campaign of the Year 2022

We are thankful for a fantastic collaboration with the team from Represented – having specialists on board is indeed a true pleasure. We have enjoyed the process and not least the mutual trust that has built.

Being able to test a format and challenge the media landscape has been an exciting journey that we don’t want to return from! A clever interplay of a lot of skills was brought into action in the collaboration, which in the end did that we won the award for Influencer Marketing Campaign of the Year 2022 at #influenced.dk

Sophie Vegger

SoMe Manager, SuperBrugsen

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