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Vitakraft x Represented Studio

Campaign Objective

Vitakraft specializes in the production of pet food, snacks and toys. They offer a wide range of products for various animals, including dogs, cats, small animals, birds, and fish. The company was founded in Germany in 1837 and has grown to be a leading player in the pet care industry. They emphasize quality and nutrition in their products to ensure the well-being of animals.

Vitakraft wanted to generate more content for use on the company’s social media, primarily on Instagram. For Vitakraft, this is a time-consuming and recurring task.

Therefore, Represented Studio has helped create content in both image and video formats to contribute to the visual identity on Vitakraft’s social media. Before creating the content, Represented Studio provides a mood board to frame the mood, identity, and tone of voice in the content.

In this collaboration, Represented Studio has delivered 10 images and 5 videos per month, which Vitakraft can use freely on its channels and redistribute, for example, to retailers. Examples of some of the content can be seen below.

Included in this case

Mood board

Before shooting the material, a mood board is sent to Vitakraft to frame ideas and align expectations regarding the visual identity. The mood board is created by Represented Studio.

Great content package

This content package consists of a minimum of 10 images and 5 videos per month for free use. The content is delivered according to the mood board and in formats optimized for Instagram Posts and Instagram Reels.


Vitakraft has full, unlimited rights to all material provided by Represented Studio and can therefore use the material on its own platforms, in marketing, for retailers, etc.


We have successfully utilized Represented Studio to produce video and image materials for us.

Internally, we may struggle to produce content for our social media on our own. Represented Studio has been super easy to work with in this process. They quickly grasped the style and universe the material should fit into. Both idea generation and execution went smoothly and uncomplicated, and we now have a good range of pictures and videos for our social media.

Thanks to Represented Studio for helping us with this task.

Louise Lyngsø Vester

Marketing Manager

Represented Studio offers content creation and social media management solutions. We can help you drive your social media through content creation, publishing plans, creating paid social content, and providing general advice.

We ensure that your digital presence on social media has optimal conditions to attract new customers to your business, while also providing an exciting universe for your current customers and partners on your social media.

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