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Aarstiderne x Represented

Campaign objective

Aarstiderne recreate the close connection between the cultivation of the land and the joy of organic meals, full of good ingredients, taste experiences and presence. Aarstiderne wish to increase the number of new customers for their meal boxes and online merchant. All with a focal point around ecology, sustainability, flexibility, a large selection and good quality. 

For a period of more than 1 year, we carefully selected influencers who were an authentic and credible match with the Aarstiderne brand, precisely so that they could convey the message and communicate the benefits of opting for organic.

The influencers were each given the task of devising inspiring content based on their own lives – it was important that the focus was both on how they themselves use Aarstiderne, but also inspire their followers to the many possibilities that are available, besides individual meal boxes, then it must also be encouraged to vary it and think about additional purchases as a supplement.

In order to strengthen sales, we worked strategically with both attention and consideration to finally connect a strong call-to-action in the form of a time limited discount code. This has contributed to the arrival of many new customers, but also in such a way that the customers choose Aarstiderne – precisely for the high quality, and not just a good offer.


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Represented has always been good at understanding our wishes and starting points.

They have not tried to impose a certain style or method on us but listened to what we came up with, how we wanted our brand to be handled and of course, come up with good advice and strategies based on this. In addition, they have shown great respect for the zeal we have for our brand and understood to scout profiles in which our presence appears natural and not pretentious. For us, it is incredibly important that is not “just” an advertisement, but rather a communication tool that manages to bind us closer together with our current and future customers. When we at the same time read good performance reviews from most of the campaigns, it all comes together.

Christian Vestergaard Frandsen

Campaign Manager

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