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Fætter BR x Represented

Campaign Objective

In collaboration with Denmark’s largest chain of toy stores, Fætter BR, we have created a series of campaigns that have involved a total of 24 different micro influencers and five macro influencers.

The purpose of these campaigns was to increase the interest and awareness of Fætter BR’s various concepts, launches, and focus areas among the target audience. These include the launch of a concept store, a focus on DIY/creative products available in the stores, and a seasonal campaign for Fætter BR’s Christmas universe.

The influencers had two tasks: first, to create inspiring content for their followers during their visits to Fætter BR, showcasing the stores’ universe and the wide range of products available in the chain, and secondly, to create content within their homes, demonstrating how the played and used the products with their children.

The influencers produced Instagram Reels, posts and storylines, where their followers were inspired to get involved themselves with creative projects and DIY-products from Fætter BR, and in general giving their children a good and entertaining experience in BR’s magical playworld as well.

You can check out the many creative publications from the campaigns below.


Instagram Posts & Reels
Instagram Story-sequences
views on Reels
to use the content on own channels

The whole process was very comfortable, structured and extremely professional.

We have collaborated with Represented on both smaller and larger campaigns, where they have assisted us with everything from the onboarding-process of profiles, to the reporting of the campaign itself.

Martin Jørgensen

Digital Campaigns Partner, Salling Group

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