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Since our launch in 2011 we have been working with top influencers and global brands to create high-performing influencer marketing campaigns.

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Represented Studio offers content creation and social media management solutions. We can help you drive your social media presence through content creation, content scheduling, paid social content, and providing general advice.

We ensure that your digital presence on social media has optimal conditions to attract new customers to your business, while your existing customers and partners experience an exciting universe on your social media platforms.

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Book a 30 min. free video meeting with one of our advisors and learn more about how you can succeed with influencer marketing. The video meeting is via Google Meet and completely non-binding.  Select the desired date and time.

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By engaging influencers in Europe, North America and Asia, we help brands run successful and coherent influencer campaigns across markets. We find and recruit the right type of influencers matching the KPIs and goals of the specific campaign, and are able to include influencers of all sizes. With one-point-of-contact we minimize your internal administration costs, and optimize your campaign results.

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What our customers say

Represented is our go-to for influencer marketing-campaigns on a global scale.

- Ariba Khan, Channel Owner - Influencer Marketing

The campaign is the best performing at Coop.

- Patrick Woolrych, Digital Content Management

Represented has always been good at understanding our wishes and starting points.

- Christian Vestergaard Frandsen, Campaign Manager

Everything from the initial dialogue to execution and reporting has been very accurate. 

- Louise Lundsgaard, Head of Marketing

Based on direct sales in our own webshop alone, we achieved a ROI of 233% within the first 30 days.

- Morten Bo Madsen, Marketing Director & Co-owner

Represented is our preferred partner, when executing influencer marketing activities.

- Mette Wiig, COO

Represented’s planning and execution of the campaigns has always been very professional.

- Robert Friedrich, CEO

Represented helped us through the process, from discussing target groups and the structure of the campaign, to reporting and the results.

- Henrik Madsen, Deputy Head, Strategy- and Management Secretariat

Represented completely managed to help deliver the message in an enlightening, fun and non-intimidating way!

- Victoria-Louise Tilsted, Copenhagen Municipality, Campaign Manager for Pickpockets love distractions

We have always been looking for a long-term collaboration, because that is what really gives us value.

- Dortea Grønbæk, Marketing & Communications Manager

Dynamic influencer mapping

We are a full service influencer network working with top influencers and global brands since 2011, bringing best-in-class market knowledge to our clients.

We possess an extended and refined database where we are dynamically mapping influencers based on data insights and content preferences, enabling us to search and select the right influencers for each campaign.

Holistic matchmaking

A match made in heaven. That is the essential starting point for a successful influencer campaign. We apply a holistic matchmaking approach combining qualitative and quantitative parameters in order to find the perfect fit between influencer and brand.

When the match is made, we help our clients develop, execute, amplify, measure and evaluate their whole influencer marketing effort from A to Z.

More than 5,000 influencer marketing campaigns

Launched as the first influencer network in Denmark, we have completed more than 5,000 successful influencer marketing campaigns across a broad variety of industries and countries.

We have managed and reported on more than 100,000 pieces of individually created sponsored content. With more than 13 years of operation in this young industry, you will have a hard time finding a trusted advisor with more experience, benchmark data and cases than us.

A streamlined process

With more than 13 years of experience and more than 5,000 executed influencer marketing campaigns, we have one of the most streamlined processes on the market – because we want to make it easy for you. 

We always make sure to identify your specific needs for a successful influencer marketing campaign, so that together we achieve the absolute best results. If you have no experience with influencer marketing, we help you set some measurable and realistic goals together.

Once our influencer matchmaking is approved and the campaign is launched, we are responsible for executing the campaign from A-Z. You are always welcome to come up with good ideas, wishes or speak up if you have questions along the way.  We appreciate transparent and honest dialogue so that we can achieve the best results together.


Campaign Goals

Defining the success criteria of the campaign, and forming a creative influencer-centric concept helping our clients to succeed with their marketing is step one. It starts with a client meeting with one of our advisors.



Finding the right influencers’ matching the target group, KPIs and communication goals of the campaign is key. As experts we work with quantitative and qualitative influencer search and selection.


Campaign Optimization

We manage all practical aspects of the campaign, including campaign planning and deadlines, quality assurance of content, legal compliance, handling of products for test, payment to influencers etc.



We always deliver a live digital campaign report with performance data on all published content, enabling us and our clients to measure and evaluate on all campaign activities.

Influencer marketing works


women use social media to consult before buying


interacts with an influencer at least once a day


advertisers say that influencer-created content performs significantly better than brand-created content

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