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Toyota KINTO Share x Represented

Campaign objective

Toyota has launched the car-sharing concept ‘KINTO Share’ with the vision of creating better mobility for everyone, reducing environmental impact and the number of idle cars in society. All KINTO cars are hybrid models that run up to 50% of the time on electricity. Toyota wants to share their vision, and therefore the goal of this campaign was to spread awareness of ‘KINTO Share’ and receive app downloads.

20 micro influencers and one macro influencer were activated. The influencers used storytelling to show everyday situations where the car-sharing solution might be useful.

The content showed the entire process from start to finish. From reserving the car in the app to mood sequences from the ride, and the favorite destination the influencer ended up at. Whether it was a shopping spree, a summer house trip or another excursion was up to the influencer. A fun and different campaign where the influencers could adapt the content to their own personal universe and thus create interest and qualified awareness of the new car sharing concept “KINTO Share” among their followers.

We recommend clicking play on the TikTok video below. In the video, the influencer exposes his mother to a series of puns and jokes while sitting in the Toyota ‘Kinto Share’ car together. Remember to turn on the sound. The video has reached more than 580,000 views.


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We needed help getting started with an influencer collaboration. Represented found relevant influencers, made agreements with them and ensured that what we had agreed upon was delivered. All in all, a very satisfying result.

Jens Frederiksen

Kinto Marketing Specialist


We used TikTok in an influencer collaboration to promote our car sharing concept KINTO.

One video got more than 500,000 impressions and doubled the number of daily new customers.

Nikolaj Ledet

Marketing Manager

@nicolas_kaiser Hun har jo selv lavet mig, så i princippet har hun selv lavet alle jokesene ❤️ Download Kinto Share via app #fyp #fypシ #kintoshare #toyota #handlermedmor ♬ original sound - Nicolas Kaiser

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