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Seez x Represented

Campaign Objective

Seez is an online platform that assists car buyers in finding and purchasing a newer used car, in an intuitive, easy, secure and approachable manner. Seez is new to the Danish market and therefore wanted to activate influencers who could help build trust and increase brand awareness in Denmark, particularly among the younger female car buyers.

We launched two campaigns in collaboration with Seez, where we engaged three macro influencers. Through fun, unique and entertaining content, these influencers created a brand narrative around Seez as a brand and platform.

The content included a mini series, as well as Instagram Reels and storylines, highlighting tge company’s unique selling points (USPs). Seez had the rights to boost the content on their own platforms.

After the campaign, the influencers received direct messages from followers, telling that they had purchased their new car on the Seez-platform as a result of being introduced to the concept through the campaign. Scroll down to see some quotes from the followers, as well as snippets of the campaign content, including influencer Laura Schrøder portraying a stereotypical used car dealer.


Instagram Post & Reels
Instagram Story-sequences
views on Instagram Reels

Customer testimonials

I just ordered a car from Seez 🙌 Thank you for making advertisements that demystify this kind of “man thing” 🤩 […]

- Rikke, New Seez customer

I have just reserved my new (used) car at Seez.dk 👏 Only know them because of your posts/collaboration with them. […] 💫

- Sandja, New Seez customer

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