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Campaign objective

Sanzi Beauty is a relative new beauty brand from Denmark, that has experienced rapid growth. They develop and sell a wide range of beauty products, e.g. eyelash serum, brow serum and facial skincare.

From day one Sanzi Beauty has been aware of the importance of reaching out to their target audience through influencers and have built most of their marketing plan around this. We have advised them regarding their influencer marketing strategy since their launch in 2017.

Along the way we have helped to increase the consumers’ brand awareness about Sanzi Beauty as well as driving direct sales of their products – both in regard to existing products as well as launch campaigns for new products.

We have been their trusted advisor that have helped find the right match of influencers for their products. This also means we have been in close contact throughout the various campaigns in order to optimize results and campaign plans along the way.

The data in this case study is aggregated across several campaign bursts we have executed in the period from November 2018 to July 2020.


published posts
engagementrate in blog posts
total clicks
saved posts on Instagram

Represented’s planning and execution of the campaigns has always been very professional.

We are a new brand within the cosmetics industry, and from day one we have been aware of the importance of reaching our target group through influencers.

In this situation, Represented has been a great help. They have been able to target our campaign to the right segment, using their knowledge of what types of influencers suit our products the best. This has proven to be extremely effective in our campaigns in such a way that we have become visible to the right segment. This has resulted in a high conversion and sales to our webshop.

Represented’s planning and execution of the campaigns has always been very professional. They have been very skilled and precise in their positioning of Sanzi as a brand in the communication with the chosen influencers. We give Represented our warmest recommendations. They have become a valuable and permanent partner for us.

Robert Friedrich


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