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Studio Z x Represented

Campaign objective

Studio Z is a Danish jewelry brand that specializes in minimalistic and Scandinavian-inspired designs. The brand’s founder and designer, Mads Ziegler, creates a unique and personal look for individuals through his jewelry, which can be worn by women of all ages. The goal of the campaign is to increase awareness and drive traffic to the webshop.

To achieve this goal, we activated 75 micro influencers in three bursts. These hand-picked influencers were asked to create inspiring content that presented the jewelry in a personal and creative way. They had the option to create either video or image content using the carousel/gallery mode on Instagram, based on three creative takes. It was up to the influencers to decide how they wanted to present the jewelry.

Studio Z had the rights to use the beautiful content created by 75 micro influencers in the campaign on their own channels. This allowed the brand to have a content bank from which they could always access the creatives, resulting in increased reach and extended lifetime for the content on Studio Z’s social media.


Micro Influencers
Instagram Posts
Engagement rate
to use the content on own channels

A smooth handling of Represented where everything was in flow and challenges were dealt with quickly and efficiently. Represented created a successful setup from the start, making the process very easy.

Maya Dahl

Brand Manager

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