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OnePlus x Represented

Campaign objective

The overall campaign goal was to increase awareness about the launch of the new smartphone OnePlus10T from OnePlus on the Scandinavian market.

OnePlus was founded in 2013 around the mantra “Never Settle”, which means that they consistently work to create first-class mobile phones and software that provide users with the best possible user experience.

For this campaign we activated content creator Kelly Louise Killjoy, who has more than 1.2 million followers and more than 30 million likes on TikTok.

Kelly Louise Killjoy is especially known for her TikTok entertainment-series “Nordic Class”, where she integrates the Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish language in all of her videos. This format has made her a mega influencer in the Nordics. We activated this influencer because OnePlus wanted to reach a broad Scandinavian target group and also because the followers could win 3 dream trips – one in each of the three countries; Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Kelly Louise Killjoy created a special OnePlus “Nordic Class” TikTok-video for the campaign. On TikTok the video gained more than 600,000 organic views and more than 82,000 likes. Furthermore, she shared the content on her Instagram, where she gained an additional 350,000 organic views. Watch the video below in this case.

The extraordinary aspects of this campaign were the many impressions and engagements, which were achieved from Scandinavian followers solely by integrating OnePlus in one single well-known format – with one single mega influencer. The campaign generated great engagement and many positive comments from the followers.


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@kellylouisekilljoy Paid partnership with @oneplus to announce the new OnePlus 10T and a vacation giveaway to your dream destination! Participate on Instagram ✈️ #oneplusdreamdestination #oneplusnordics #nordicclass #thenordics ♬ original sound - Kelly Louise Killjoy

Comments from the influencer's TikTok-followers

Wow, that ad sets a new standard for influencers. Grand!

- Follower, TikTok

I think this is the smoothest paid partnership ever, love it!

- Follower, TikTok

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